USA '99

Here I am in Minneapolis ready to go on to San Francisco
It seems like Håvard is looking forward to the rest of the trip too
San Francisco

Golden Gate, THE Bridge
We used our bikes to cross the long bridge
Håvard enjoys the nice view

Alcatraz in the view of my tele-lens
Arriving at Alcatraz

Håvard in Chinatown
A famous street

Route 1, California
Beautiful cost by the Pacific
Håvard, trying to spot hawaii

A typical homeless guy, here in Santa Barbara
"Baywatch" HQ, isn't it???

Santa Monica
Håvard "lifeguard" Prytz
Where the hell is Pamela Anderson?

Ever heard about this place?
King of the hill
Wheeee, I'm in Hollywood

LA with the smog
Rodeo Drive
Somewhere in Beverly Hills

A cinema in Hollywood
Hollywood by night
At the airport (LAX). There were a lot of signs saying, "Caution, wet floor". Just stupid...

Going to Washongton DC
The Capitol
Camilla and me at the Mall

The Capitol at 4. of July
...lots of people
Getting ready to see the fireworks

Here lives the guy who smokes sigars
This is Magnhild's beautiful (but way too noisy 5:00 in the morning) bird.
... and her cat, Cindy.

Every day...
Leaving Washington. These roads are made for speed... you can see

Downtown Pittsburgh
Håvard entering our rental-car, a Chevy Cavalier
Awsome sunset

Me in front of Niagara Falls
People on the boat got pretty wet
Lots of water

On the beach in Columbus
Last night in the USA

Going home

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