New York

On our way to the Twins
Me on top of the world
Reaching for the skies

The Twins at night
Plaza at the World Trade Center
Inside WTC2, the first building to collapse at 11.sept.2001

Going down from the 107th floor
Walkway from WTC7 to the other WTC buildings
Panoramic view from the Empire State Building

Arriving at ...
Inside the Statue of Liberty

Inside the head
View from the head
Going down

Håvard in Central Park
If I only were able to hold that damn camera still
Probably getting ready for a photosession

Going nuts
Some birds on a fence
Nice park

Just me sitting down for a while
Some children playing baseball
Håvard reading American Psycho

I believe this is the NY University
The postoffice
Håvard bought some shoes

We used the GreyLine bus for sightseeing
Leaving Manhattan

Arriving a bit early at JFK-airport

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